Package Printing

We Think About The Box…

At Cincinnati Printers, we realize a box is no longer defined by its sides. A ‘box’ may actually be a box, or not a box at all. Even the word ‘box’ has become an idea, a metaphor to encourage different thought perspectives. With over 25 years experience in package printing, we not only think outside the box, but upside down, sideways and parallel to the box. We simply think about the box.

As manufacturers of skin cards, blister cards, header cards and insert cards, in combination with complex folding cartons, club packs and POP displays, our seasoned staff will work directly with you on your package printing challenges. We will help you choose the correct type of packaging based on your product, fulfillment requirements and budget. Whether your product requries basic packaging accessories or advanced printing techniques, Cincinnati Printers is your solution. Our goal is to provide the most desirable quality of package printing specific to your product and your consumers.

Cincinnati Printers also provides Total Print Management which reaches further than package printing into the depths of kitting, fulfillment and distribution. On the filp side, our in-house structural package design team can create prototypes for product launches or help with the expansion of a current brand. Graphic design services are available to develop modern logos or upgrade your established identity. We can also take your brand to the next level with large format signage, vehicle wraps and more!

We Also Think Beyond The Box…

Today the foremost major concern of package printing manufacturers and designers is to create and produce environmentally sustainable packaging. Cincinnati Printers established our ‘Go Green’ Packaging campaign back in 1991, well before most manufacturers. This initiative employed the use of recycled and recyclable materials in combination with soy-based inks and water soluable coatings. Our custom designed paperboard packaging can eliminate the need for plastic accessories and will minimize packaging waste. Cincinnati Printers takes pride in reducing our carbon footprint to eliminate extraneous packaging waste, which not only benefits the envioronment, but saves you in green, economically speaking.