Wraps and Sleeves

We Think Around the Box…

Wraps and sleeves should be your first option considered in order to reduce expenses as well as eliminate extraneous packaging waste. This style of packaging generally allows portions of the product to be exposed for hands-on and visual inspection while maintaining pilfer resistance. Wraps and sleeves are a smart and viable packaging solution for products that are large, bulky or require minimal containment.

Wrap and Sleeve Advantages:packaging sleeves - sleeves

  • Prints up to 6 Colors on Both Outside and Inside
  • Calipers Range From 12pt up to 24pt SBS C1S or C2S
  • Flat Sizes up to 23 x 36”
  • Hanging, Stand Alone and Multi-Piece Options Available
  • Accepts Intricate and Unique Die Cutting
  • Aqueous, UV and Specialty Finishes Available
  • Folding and Gluing Available
  • Large Quantity Price Breaks
  • In-House Kitting, Fulfillment and Distribution
  • Environmentally Sustainable Packaging Materials Available
  • In-House Structural Packaging and Graphic Design Assistance


Dedicated Wraps and Sleeves Combo

Cincinnati Printers offers dedicated combination press runs for multiple skus that use the same dieline and contain graphics in the same color family. This style of printing allows you to switch skus and quantities of each sku per order based on a 500 sheet minimum press run. Our estimators will work directly with you to determine the most sensible and economical approach to each order.


Low Volume Wraps and Sleeves Combo

Cincinnati Printers can print your warps and sleeves utilizing our blister card combo program depending on size and complexity. This program is designed to share press sheet space and tooling charges with multiple customers, which results in price breaks for low volumes. Minimum orders start at 2,500. Our flexible options allow for startup companies to professionally market products without large setup investments.

Please be advised this program is concentrated around blister cards, therefore we cannot stray from the printing guidelines listed below:

  • Prints 4 Color Process on Front with Optional Black on Back
  • 20pt SBS C1S Blister Stock
  • Front Blister Coating
  • Accepts Intricate and Unique Die Cutting
  • Folding and Gluing Available Upon Review
  • Choose From Over 30 Hanger Punch Shapes and Sizes
  • In-House Kitting, Fulfillment and Distribution Available
  • Packaging Accessories Available
  • In-House Graphic Design Assistance