Go Green Packaging

To Think Behind the Box is to Think Beyond

Cincinnati Printers has made ‘being green’ easier than ever with our Go Green Packaging Campaign. Originally started in 1991, this idea has essentially become a part of us. It’s the way we are and the way we will continue to be whether the public is ‘into it’ or not. Like most manufacturers, we offer eco-friendly packaging, but the process behind the package is what’s truly important to the green initiative.

Not all packaging can be 100% environmentally friendly. That’s why we offer skin card packaging with EZ-peel coating and blister card coating that is compatible with RPET blister shells. Or we will take the oragami into our hands and design a package which can eliminate the need for plastic accessories and chemical adhesives. But we will not push your product into a ‘go green’ package if it does not work for the product or your expectations. Long story short: Our green is your green. Feel free to pick the shade.

Go Green Packaging:

  • Soy Based and Wax-Free Printing Inks
  • Water Soluable Coatings
  • Recycled and Recyclable Packaging Materials
  • In-House Structural Packaging Design Assistance
  • Reduce or Eliminate Plastic Accessories
  • Reduce or Eliminate Chemical Adhesives

Reducing Our Carbon Footprint:

  • Recycle 100% of Paper Waste
  • Purchase Wind Energy
  • LED Lighting
  • Biomass Heat Offices with Corn/Wood Pellet Stove
  • Member of the American Tree Farm System
  • Educate and Encourage Employees to Recycle