Vehicle Wraps

vehicle wraps, wide format digital printing, graphic design, installationWe Even Think About The Box Truck

Cincinnati Printers embraces our recent investment in wide format digital printing by offering local customers* with custom vehicle wraps. Just 10 years ago, this type of branding was not considered necessary for many businesses. Since then, vehicle wrap populatiry has grown exponentially and is still expanding. Vehicle wraps are no longer moving billboards reserved for big business fleets. Small business owners must take advantage of this growing industry in order to thrive. Vehicle wraps are key to advertising within your local marketing area and are equally versitle to test the public’s reaction to developing marketing strategies. With remarkably lower expenses than renting interstate signs or producing radio and television ads, vehicle wraps can add serious weight to a visually effective marketing strategy.

Some highly competitive communities within Cincinnati’s Tri-State area have very strict signage regulations that may not even allow simple yard signs or banners. As a result, Cincinnati Printers can help your business retain advertising rights with vehicle graphics. From box trucks to smart cars – if it moves, we can and will advertise on it! Whether you have one vehicle or an entire fleet, we are prepared to leave an impression that impacts the public.

Advantages of Vehicle Wraps:

  • Top Of The Line Adhesive Vinyls and Laminates
  • Premium Warranty
  • ECO-UV S Inks Print in CMYK
  • Maximum 1440 x 1440 dpi Image Quality**
  • In-House Graphic Design
  • Installation for Local Customers*

Please let us know beforehand if you plan on branding your business image on multiple styles and sizes of vehicles to ease in the design process.

* Local Customers refers to anyone within a reasonable distance from our Cincinnati facility in order to access the vehicle for proper measurements, photographs and any other ‘hands on’ necessities to complete estimates, designs and/or installation. Please note this access may require our possession of the vehicle for multiple days.

**Image quality will vary depending on artwork: Cincinnati Printers acquires the highest resolution images possible when designing vehicle wraps from concept to print. If digital images are supplied, our output will reflect the quality of the graphics submitted. Some images may be rejected for large format print or will require written approval to reproduce if image resolution is a concern.